Providing Cash And In-Kind Donations To Dedicated Non-Profit Organizations In North Idaho

The Greene Idaho Foundation is proud to support care-givers on the front lines of charity in our community with direct cash donations and with in-kind donations such as providing facilities for non-profit fundraising efforts and activities.  We find this approach helps us make a meaningful impact in many areas.  Far better that we put the tools in the hands of the devoted volunteers and organizations already delivering top-notch services in our area.  We are so fortunate to have so many effective and dedicated people that possess a laser focus for their specific charitable cause.  We are proud to be able to support those very people and organizations in their efforts to help others.  This approach also allows us to be nimble in how, and when, we direct our funds so we are able to quickly offer assistance when and where it seems most needed and can generate the greatest matching potential.  We love this model.  In addition to many other positives, it also helps us grow our own awareness of all the fantastic organizations and people that surround us in our community.  

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Some Of The Fantastic Organizations We Support